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Bobtails-Ofsted-2014.PDF Latest Ofsted Report...

At Bobtails, we strive to provide the highest standard of childcare we possibly can, as well as ensuring that your child is happy, healthy and safe.

And our latest Ofsted report says that we do just that!

Here are some excerpts from our latest report, which was completed in December 2014.

“Staff have an exceptionally nurturing relationship with all of the children and deploy themselves extremely effectively at all times.”

“Children behave exceptionally well, staff are motivational which inspires the children to learn.”

“The quality of teaching is excellent and shows extremely effective teaching skills when working alongside children.”

“Staff offered high levels of praise, which developed children’s self -esteem and encouraged them to have a go and persevere.”

“Children are extremely happy within the setting and are thriving. The environment is consistently harmonious and calm.”

Download the full report here.

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